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BNI Educational  Topic  –  Punctuality      7/24/12

by Nan Nally-Seif, LCSW, TEP

Reed Prescott brought  this blog to my attention.  So I checked out the Blog which is The Art of Manliness by Brett & Kate McKay on 7/16/12.

Why is being Punctual so important?

They relate punctuality to:

1) discipline   2) self-mastery   3) integrity   4) respect

1)       Being punctual strengthens and reveals one’s integrity.   “If you tell someone that you will meet them at a certain time, you  have essentially made them a PROMISE ,… if you arrive late you have essentially BROKEN A PROMISE.  Being on time shows others that you are a person of your word.”


2)      Being on time shows you are reliable. People know they can rely  on a person – if he or she says they will be there when expected.  If a person cannot organize their time, doubts can seep in beyond the clock, and the question may arise if a person is careless about time, what else can they be careless about?


3)      Being on time can build self-confidence. Showing up on time tells people you are dependable and you are in control of your schedule.


4)      Being punctual assures you are at your best.  If you are racing and stressed, focusing on what you need to do can be difficult.  Showing up on time or even a few minutes early allows you to collect your thoughts, review your materials and be able to focus on what is at hand.


5)      Being punctual builds and reveals self discipline.  It shows you can organize, pay attention to detail and put aside this to do that.


6)      Being punctual shows respect for others. Taking  extra time for you,  takes time away  from the other person.  Some people look at this as a form of stealing.  Time can be seen as a precious and  limited resource. (This is the point that caught Reed’s attention)


7)      Being late disturbs the experience for other people.  Some see it as taking away the fullness of the experience.


8)      Being late can put a strain on relationships.  When you are late others can feel under-valued and awkward, if they have been kept waiting .


9)      Being late can hinder your professional success. It can get a meeting off to the wrong start with a new or old business colleague.


10) Being late takes a toll on your body.  It creates both mental and physical stress, and can cause embarrassment.


Being LATE can complicate your:

1) life   2) health   3) career   4) personal relationships

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