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BNI Educational Topic  –  Success      7/17/12

by Nan Nally-Seif, LCSW, TEP

A topic today that I thought might be helpful is “What does success mean to you?”

One definition –  “success is the uncommon application of common knowledge.  This includes using creativity”.

We can redefine business success by distinguishing closure from failure.

Jack Canfield on his website brings up some points about success that I’ll address and add to.

Tips for success:

  1. Set goals that are

a)      Specific

b)      Measurable

c)       Achievable/Not impossible to attain.


  1. Never forget to nurture your relationships.


  1. If you want success you need to be aware of procrastination.

a)      Taking one small action can lead to another.

b)      Taking  massive action to jump start a big project is also helpful.


  1. Create an environment that supports your goals and people who support you.   Example: office, organization systems, BNI etc.


  1. Develop a prosperity consciousness.  “I am successful and prosperous.” Developing a positive cognitive mindset can have a huge impact on you and your success.


  1. Develop a personal focus on the goal and task at hand.


  1. Important to remember

a)  Re-think

b)  Re-focus

c)  Review our successes (this can help us change and evaluate how we do things)


  1. Celebrate our wins to fuel future success.  Enjoy our successes!  Even the small ones!


Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Who has inspired you with their success?
  2. What do they have that you want to emulate?
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