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Our New Year’s Resolutions are based on reflecting on the past and looking forward to the future.

                These Ideas came from 2 websites: Susan Ward’s “Top 10 New Year’s Solutions for Business Success, and Nellie Akalp’s “Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Business Success”,

  1.  “Delegate”­- Learn how to delegate more. We often think we need to do it all. Delegating helps us achieve a healthy work- life balance.
  2.  “Promote your business.” In order to attract new customers/ clients promoting your business regularly and consistently should be a priority. This is what we are doing at BNI.
  3.  “Business Planning.” Looking at your business and discovering what has been successful and what has not. Doing this helps you set and adjust your business goals for the future.
  4.  “Learn Something New.”This can be business related or not. Wherever you learn something new you add to your skill base. Also this may introduce you to new people who may become customers/clients, colleagues or friends.
  5.  “Give something back to the community”. Find a cause in your community that matters to you. Join, volunteer or donate. “Those that give get”
  6.  “Put Time for you on your calendar.” All work and no play is a recipe for mental and physical disasters.
  7.  “Set Realistic Business Goals.” Goals should be achievable and measurable. Goals should not be stress producing or frustrating.
  8.  “Don’t make do with someone or something that is making you business life harder”. Drop what is not working for you and move on (techniques, products, relationships),…”don’t invest a lot of energy to make the unworkable workable.”
  9.  “Go Mobile.” By 2015 more internet users will access the web through mobile devices rather than PC’s. Make sure information about your business is set up to go mobile.
  10.  “Refresh your website.” Keep it interesting and updated with accurate information.

                                                        — QUESTION OF THE WEEK—

                  What New Year’s resolution do you have for your Business?