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Education Coordinator: Nan Nally-Seif, LCSW, TEP

These ideas came from an article by Mary Ann Bailey, “Feeling Stuck?  Five Bad Habits to Avoid” >Advice> on the job.

Being stuck is a very common.  We can feel stuck in relationships, in jobs, or dealing with an undesirable habit or behavior.

Ms. Bailey, who is a life coach, talks about several behaviors which add to our being stuck.  She refers to these points as Behavior Habits.

They are:

1)      Holding on to beliefs that are not accurate.  We believe the negative comments that we were told as children or by others are true and unchangeable.  She poses several questions about this.


a)    “What things do you think you could never do?”

b)    “What things shouldn’t be the way they are?”

c)    “Who would be very upset if you were to follow your heart?”


She advocates using these questions to examine your belief system.


2)      Blaming others and staying stuck.  Feeling stuck can be connected to blaming others for your predicament.  Taking a chance and trying even if you don’t succeed is a way out of being stuck.  It can be easier to blame others than take responsibility and take an action.


3)       “Taking life (and yourself) too seriously”.   If we are too serious and don’t have a work/life balance, it is difficult to come up with creative solutions for dilemmas.


4)      Ms. Bailey continues to challenge our living in the middle, what I would call the safe zone.  Taking small steps out of our comfort zone can begin the process of creativity and success.


5)       “Fear of the Unknown” − “taking a leap of faith” and having a strong belief that the word “FEAR is really an acronym for FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL”.


Thought of the Week

Think about what keeps you stuck (life, relationships and careers).