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BNI Educational Topic  –  Fear in Business       6/19/12

by Nan Nally-Seif, LCSW, TEP

Fear stops us before we start.  Fear is defined as a distressing emotion caused by the feeling that someone or something is dangerous, and is likely to cause pain, or be a threat.  Fear is not a simple thing.  It can be paralyzing.                                            

Synonyms for fear:

1) Foreboding    2) Apprehension    3) Dismay    4) Terror

5) Fright    6) Panic    7) Horror    8) Trepidation

Our goal in dealing with fear is to overcome it enough to take action.

Steps to deal with Fear in business:

1)  I’d like you to think about one thing you would like to do in business but you don’t.

a) Is there fear involved?

b) What are you afraid of?

c) Recognizing the fear is the first step.

Possible Things to Fear:

  • Rejection
  • Afraid to ask for a sale
  • Fear of failing
  • Out of comfort zone
  • Going into the unknown

* Doing the thing you fear is a way to overcome fear.

2)  Talk about it with someone who has expertise or perspectives and with whom you feel comfortable (friends, mate, partner, professional).  Just talking about our fear can get us to a new level.

3)  Think about 2-3 steps needed to overcome your fear and accomplish your goal.

Decide on which of these steps you want to start with.


4) Give your yourself a date to accomplish these steps.


5) Begin to use positive self talk about accomplishing this task (“I can do this”). This will counteract the negative messages we frequently give ourselves.


6)  Imagine being successful at this task. (Imagery)

7)  Take a deep breath.  Fear thrives on shallow breathing. Long exhales relaxes the body and quiets the brain by giving more oxygen.

* Face fear with support. Don’t judge yourself for it.


Good luck this week in taking a step towards action and overcoming your fear.