Posted by on Mar 12, 2016 in Education

Everyone joins BNI for one reason: more business. We are all here for referrals and leads which will lead to new business. What if I told you that you could close a greater percentage of your prospects doing one simple trick?

The trick is persistence.

Only 2% of sales are closed on the first meeting. That means one out of every 50 first meetings you take will result in a sale.
Studies have shown that only 20% of sales leads are ever followed up on, but 80% of sales are closed after 5 or more follow-ups. 80%!
And even though 80% of sales occur after 5 or more follow-ups:

  • 44% of sales people give up after one no
  • 22% give up after two nos
  • 14% give up after three nos
  • 12% give up after four nos

Meaning only 8% of sales people keep following up past four nos where 80% of the sales are made. If you’re looking to close more deals, be persistent and keep following up.