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Welcome to BNI, the largest networking organization of its kind in the world. There are over 200,000 members in BNI all over the world, and together, we passed over 11 billion dollars of business to each other. BNI meetings are conducted in a positive, highly structured manner, that allows members to get to know each other, become known among a group of highly functioning professionals, and build relationships that can transform your business. 

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BNI as a whole is growing, as well as our Chapter, because syncing up with a group of like-minded individuals is just another powerful tool for your business, in addition to building an online network of hundreds of contacts. Both have their advantages, but we are confident that if you experience networking at our level, you will at the very least come away impressed with how we do it, and perhaps you might even want to join our group. 

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Travel Agent
Trust and Estate Attorney
Private Investigator
Dental Hygenist
+ Many More!

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Hi Chapter 15.  Please find the Worksheets and Questionnaires for the BNI One-on-One Dance Card Planner I discussed in my education piece on Tuesday, November 28th:

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12/12 - 1585 Broadway - Room 26D
12/19 - 1585 Broadway - Room 26D
12/26 - Holiday Break

Upcoming Speakers

12/12 - Kerrie Griffith
12/19 - Robert Falkowitz
12/26 - Holiday Break

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