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See us at 121 West 45th Street on Tuesdays at 7 AM

BNI NYC Boat Cruise 2014

Posted by on Jul 21, 2014 in Dance Card, News

Some members of Chapter 30 and their friends got together for an amazing night on the Hudson and East Rivers of NYC. Members who went along for the boat ride around the city were Ed Muller, Mark Ehrhardt, Bob Kern and Anton Velarde. Also joining the cruise was Mark’s wife Liz and Bob’s friend Kim. All six attendees had a wonderful time.

Statue Of Liberty Cruise


Pictured here are Bob Kern and Anton Velarde with Lady Liberty behind them. Both gentlemen proved to be lively and entertaining minstrels for our journey

Bob Kern and Anton Velarde


chapter 30 cruise

Right to Left: Mark Ehrhardt, Bob Kern, Anton Velarde, Ed Muller

We will have more pictures of our other attendees as soon as they become available.


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The Networking Connection

Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in News

In a recent interview with Fox Business news, BNI Chairman Dr. Ivan Misner pointed out the important aspects of the networking relationship.

Effective networking is about developing relationships. when you have most of the people at an event trying to sell and virtually no one there to buy, you’re crazy if you think the odds are in your favor to “sell” at a networking event.

So why go? You go because networking is more about farming than it is about hunting. It’s about developing relationships with other business professionals. Sometimes you go to a networking event to increase your visibility, sometimes you go to establish further credibility with people you know, and sometimes you may even go to meet a long-time referral partner and do some business and move to profitability. In any case, the true master networkers know that networking events are about moving through the process and not about closing deals.

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